Hiking in Sunne

Welcome to go hiking in Sunne! 

We have lots of trails and walking paths of varying degrees of difficulty and length in and around Sunne. They allow you to enjoy the beautiful countryside in the lovely Fryksdalen valley and Värmland on foot!

A review of the paths texts and maps is ongoing and it will be adjusted continuous.


There are several footpaths that pass through the outdoor recreation area Sundsbergs Friluftsområde, just behind the Selma Spa hotel. One of them is...
Difficulty: Medium

Short facts

  • Steep slopes
  • Length 6 km
  • Several rest areras

Walk past places where people lived long ago, milestones and ancient burial sites in the area around Askerud.  The trails, which are relatively easy...
Difficulty: Easy

Short facts

  • Ancient burial sites, milestones and old homesteads
  • Several rest areas
  • Length 2 - 7 km

Go for a walk in the Gettjärnsklätten nature reserve, approx. 8 km south of Gräsmark, on the eastern side of lake Rottnen. An fantastic panorama view...
Difficulty: Medium

Short facts

  • Length 1 - 3,3 km
  • Nature reserve
  • Beautiful panorama view

The footpath Back-Kajsa’s väg starts at Mårbacka and continues over the hill towards Solbacka. The trail goes past the ruins of the Backarna...
Difficulty: Easy

Short facts

  • Length 3 km
  • Beautiful view
  • Rare flora

‟Trillan och Kyrkvägar” is a society in the village of Östra Ämtervik that organises and maintains various hiking trails with a history of their own...
Difficulty: Easy

Short facts

  • Length from 2 - 4 km
  • Guided tours
  • Trails with their own history

This is a relatively long and difficult hike, so you need plenty of time and must like a challenge. It allows you to experience nature in the old ‟...
Difficulty: Hard

Short facts

  • Length 17 km
  • "Finnskogar" (Finnish forests)
  • Challenging woodlands

Brårudsmossen is an urban area, with a hiking trail. It is located on the east side of Fryken and Sunne. Pass Sunne church and turn left and head...
Difficulty: Easy

Short facts

  • Length 2 km
  • Rich wildlife
  • Peat-bog